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e-learnings, on hold messages, commercials, IVR, lip-sync.

Hi, I'am Leo.

As you can see, I'm an professional voice artist.
Since 2005 I lend my voice to various pieces and styles, acting in voice overs, commercials, institutionals, trainings, films, documentaries, cartoons, IVR, e-learning, audiodescriptions, among others.

Some clients are: Colgate, Caterpillar, Rayban glasses, Oakley lenses, Pepsi, Kubota Motors, ThyssenKrupp.
You also can hear my voice at Natgeo, HBO, Discovery, Space, TruTv, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime.

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Foto de Leonardo Rossi.


As a voice over artist I've done a lot of work over the years. Here is some of what I do today:


For 10 years I have been writing, narrating and directing audio description in the Iguale Accessibility (LINKAR). We have already produced hundreds of products with Audiodescription, LIBRAS and LSE, allowing the disabled public to have access to films, theaters, exhibitions, etc.


From a serious narration to the most relaxed and friendly one. The perfect tone and pace to pass on knowledge and engage your staff in the transmitted content. Some brands that entrust their work to me: Oakley Lenses, Kubota Motors, Caterpillar, Hyundai Brazil, Colgate, Unidas Rent a Car, PepsiCo among many others..


As a voice actor I've lent my voice to hundreds of characters: villains, good guys, kitchen chefs or even traffic police. As a narrator I can go from the craziest style to the most classic, all depends on the need that the movie asks for. Currently you can listen to me on NatGeo, HBO, TruTv, Netflix and PrimeVideo channels. I also do corporate dubbing and have a small team of actors available to cover other voices.

Internet Videos

Do you know those videos with Ukeléle's music and whistle as a soundtrack? Yes, I have already did many. They usually requires a more "cool" style of speech, like a normal talking guy. See some examples in the videos section.


Here's something I love to do: tell stories! In addition to narrating, I can produce your audiobook, with soundtracks, ambiences, and effects. Make a quotation!


Check out some of my latest work:

Dubling - Voice Over and Lip-Sync

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E-mail me at: contato@leorossi.com.br or fill out the form below.
You can also send me an Whatsapp message at: +55 19 99788 8581